Students in 2nd and 3rd grades have been working with Boomwhackers and rhythm sticks to create improvisatory group compositions (they've also learned to play Bob Marley's One Love and David Bowie and Queen's We Will Rock You!). They are given an obstinate (repeating) harmonic line (in this case C-E-G in a pattern over two measures) and four possible rhythmic measures (one-measure beat patterns are written on sticks, and the students select two sticks for a two-measure ostinato beat pattern). Then students are asked to select two to three additional pitched boomwhackers and improvise a melody over the ostinato rhythm and harmony. 

This video shows the process in its early stages. Listen and notice that the ostinato pattern -- and the whole room -- begins to come together to form one large piece. Pretty cool!

As always, thanks for sharing your students with us!

Mrs. Andrews