Did you know that attending live performances is good for child development? Not only do we learn important social and listening skills when we attend concerts, we experience the magic of collaboration, and we are part of a unique event that can never happen in exactly the same way again. And the opportunity to experience live performance may spark interest in learning a musical instrument. One great thing about living in the Washington, DC region is the wide variety of low-cost and free concerts on nearly every night of the week. In our music room, we display concert and venue brochures for The Clarice Smith Center at University of Maryland, programs through Prince George's County Parks & Recreation, and others. Ask your student if they've seen anything in those flyers that might interest them!

Mrs. Andrews is a great fan of performances at The Clarice -- it's close and there are many excellent student recitals, which are always free. The calendar is here, and over Easter break, there are great opportunities to expand your world with performances in opera, chamber music, and dance. There's something really special about witnessing young musicians on the cusp of their careers -- you'll hear adventurous repertoire and exciting, exuberant interpretations in a more intimate setting. What a treat!

There are many amazing performances through Prince George's County Parks & Recreation, too: concerts at Harmony Hall, Montpelier Arts Center, and Publick Playhouse -- as well as in the parks over the summer -- we have a treasure trove of cultural experiences in our own backyard! 

Of course, there are also great, world-class performances at Kennedy Center and throughout the region (we're awfully lucky to have both Washington, DC and Baltimore so close), but in this blog post, we encourage you to take a look around at what you might find even closer to home. Share these experiences with your children, and encourage them to share music they like with you. It might be a whole new Easter Break adventure for thew family!

Here are some other great local venues with free or low-cost performances:

"Music is the exaltation of the mind derived from things eternal, bursting forth in sound." - St. Thomas Aquinas

Wishing you an Easter filled with faith, love, and the promise of renewal, 

Mrs. Andrews