Good Evening Everyone,

I hope you all are enjoying this extra long weekend we have had.

Our class has been talking about how Dr. Martin Luther King was a good man and that he wanted us to be kind to everyone. He wants us to be like Jesus and love one another. We always try to relay this message on a daily basis in a way that our little children can understand. We will continue to talk about Dr. King this week.

We will also start learning the letter J and the number 10 this week.

Next week is Catholic School’s Week and Multicultural week. During this week we will celebrate the many different cultures at St. Mary’s and how lucky we are to attend and work at this Catholic School. Each class picked a country to focus on and our class chose Nigeria. We will learn about the culture, music, dance, food and many other things. If you are from Nigeria please feel free to send in any items you may have from Nigeria. We will be decorating our room with flags and artwork, etc. I will also make a Nigerian dish for the children to sample.

Thank you for all your support,

Ms. Baker and Ms. Campos