The students learning how to group using skittles ( grouping in color and quantity).



The children getting ready for the Art Show!



One of our students drawing one of the many things we see in our Neighborhood at St. Mary's.


We're taking a walk around our Neighborhood.


In addition, to finding out where Father Rick lives, the students were excited to know we have a Doctor's Office in our Neighborhood.


Our fabulous students!


Another picture of our students but this time visiting our nearby Veteran's Memorial Place.


After talking about Martin Luther King Jr. we had the students say something nice and give each other hugs.



Some of the children's artwork for the Art Show!!

Please come by and support!



Last but definitly not least..

 We want to give a special shoutout to one of our Room Parents'!

Mrs. Claudia Thurner!

Thank you for donating the snack basket to our school. You are very appreciated !