Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are really moving right along with the school year; mid-quarter reports go home at the end of next week. The weather will be warming up in just a few weeks. What happened to our snow storms this year? Did Mother Nature forget about us? Bring on the snow!

We have completed our mid-year Scantron testing. There have been some positive gains as most children are on track to hit their annual academic growth goals. Some students are in need of additional support and parents have been contacted. This Friday (2/17/17) we will have conferences in the afternoon for parents whose students are struggling academically. If you received an invite, but have not set an appointment time, please do so ASAP. If you’re unable to meet on Friday, February 17, 2017, please inform your teacher right away so alternative plans can be made.

We have been making progress on the repairs to the heat system. Our boiler is very old and in need of repair; our building engineer has been making steady progress. The system needed some old parts replaced. This process takes time as the heat needs to be shut down and the entire system needs to cool before work can begin. The work has been taking place over weekends. By spring, the boiler should be running like a top!

There has been progress in the science lab. The new floor was installed on 2/13/17. We believe we will be holding science classes in the lab at some point in March. A special thanks to Ms. Maier, Mrs. Ferguson, and Mr. and Mrs. Nichols for their volunteer work in planning and overseeing the work in the lab. Speaking of science, we had an outstanding assembly on Friday for students in second through fifth. The assembly was to introduce the science club, which was led by Ms. Ricks. The students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed it, especially Ms. Keller who was chosen as a volunteer. Students rubbed her hair with a balloon to learn about static electricity. The display was truly hair-raising! 

I would like to personally thank the St. Mary’s community for the support and love given to the Planta family over the past few weeks. The mass and repast were a beautiful celebration of Angelina’s life. The love and support for the family was profound. Please continue to keep Bo, Abigail, Conrad, and Ethan in your prayers. On Wednesday, March 1st, students will attend the Ash Wednesday Mass at 9:00 am, which officially begins the season of Lent. Please feel free to join us at mass as we begin our forty days of Lent to prepare for Easter. As always, please stop by or call me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you all for your continued support of our amazing little school! 

In Peace, 

Chris Buchleitner, Principal