1. PIZZA PARTY-Because everyone did such a great job and we had five finalists, instead of an individual prize I have promised the students a pizza party at our next meeting. If your child has any food allergies/aversions to pizza please send them with an alternative snack for that afternoon. Also, if you wish to donate any supplies (plates/napkins/juice/chips) you are more than welcome to do so. Please let me know if you are able to contribute any items as I do not want to purchase duplicates. I know the students are looking forward to celebrating their hard work!

2. APRIL MEETING-ROBOTICS!- I am excited to announce that we will conduct a robotics project at our next meeting. We will be constructing soda can robugs that are able to move. This project will have us take a look at not only robotics, but green science as well by re-purposing a used soda can into a moving, functional 'robug'. I have asked all students to please bring in one, clean empty aluminum soda can to our next meeting. I will provide all other materials. 

3. VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED- at our next meeting on Thursday April 27th. If you are VIRTUS trained, I encourage you to join us as I need 3-4 adult volunteers (1 adult per grade level) to ensure that every student can complete this project within one session. If you can volunteer please let me know by Friday March 24th for planning purposes. We would love for you to join us!

4. BEHAVIORAL ISSUES: Lastly, we have had some minor behavioral issues that have impacted the flow of club meetings (talking out of turn, not following directions, ignoring instructions). Parents, please remind your children to remain respectful and courteous of adults and students at all times which includes listening and following directions. Science club is a privilege allowed to a selected number of students and I do not want to revoke any student's membership due to poor behavior. 

Thank you again for your support as we launch the science club for elementary students. I enjoy working with  your children and look forward to our next meeting!


All the best,